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Mavis Ho




「 我們要把台灣放進世界地圖上。談到亞洲藝術,多數人都想到北京、東京、香港, 我們希望未來台灣也是其中一。 」

—— 來自紐西蘭《白木耳》(WHITE FUNGUS)創辦人兄弟Ron Hanson與Mark Hanson說到 



White Fungus 白木耳 —異鄉人創辦的台灣藝術雜誌。


只要說出你認識這本雜誌,就好像很酷。《白木耳》是一本集結國內外學者、藝評、藝術家文章及採訪報導的獨立藝術雜誌,著重報導當代各類形態的藝術及文化動向。 它同時也是一個社群媒體藝術的實驗記錄。當這些實驗性的孢子逐漸成熟而散落,創刊者十分期待風會將這些孢子傳遞到某處。關於未來,充滿了新的生機與各種可能性。《白木耳》堅持「在地出發,宏觀全球」的理念。2012 年《白木耳》 以其優良的品質內容獲選為美國紐約 MoMA(世界最傑出的現代藝術收藏博物館)選為千禧年雜誌,是台灣唯一一本與世界其他傑出的百本獨立藝文雜誌齊名的刊物。

「我們要把台灣放進世界地圖上。談到亞洲藝術,多數人都想到北京、東京、香港, 我們希望未來台灣也是其中一。」— 來自紐西蘭的創辦人兄弟Ron Hanson與Mark Hanson說到。連結台灣與世界,或許就是他們的使命。他們儼然成了紐西蘭政府連接亞洲藝文圈的橋樑。不過兩人表示真正令他們興奮的,是他們逐漸建立起了獨立藝術圈的人脈,鏈結了台中與外地,更牽起了台灣與世界。

The first issue of White Fungus was published in Wellington, New Zealand in October, 2004. The publication began as an intended one-off political zine protesting the building of an inner-city “bypass” which would subsequently rip through the heart of the city’s arts district, displacing artists from their studios and demolishing or removing heritage buildings. The first issue was released during Wellington’s local-body election. It was produced on a photocopier and copies were wrapped in Christmas paper and hurled anonymously through the entrances of businesses and cultural organizations throughout the city. The first issue of White Fungus is locally specific. It includes a history of Wellington’s Cuba Street, named after the ship Cuba, the second ship of the colonizing New Zealand Company to land there. There is a profile of many groups or collectives of artists which had been evicted from their studios due to inner-city development. There are also articles about the election and the history of resistance to the building of the bypass which dated back more than 40 years. It was first devised in 1961 by an American engineering firm after it had been tasked to create a comprehensive transportation plan for Wellington.


/  內容引用自 Beyonder Times — https://reurl.cc/Erzqg



於12月發行的最新 《白木耳》 Issue #16 ,收錄了草山金工品牌資訊
白木耳藝術雜誌 — whitefungus.com



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